The Nereid's Rally
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Calendar of Events

12th               << at a time to be announced >>
                      Informal Q&A session for prospective rally entrants at Power Boats.


 3rd               Tobago send-off party
 4th               Trinidad send-off party
 5th                Rally start
up to 11th      Yachts arrive and check in at Bartica, Guyana
16th               Official welcome at Hurakabra (Hosted by the Minister for Tourism)
23rd                Guyana to French Guiana rally start
29th                Arrival Salvation Islands
 3rd                 Depart for Maroni River

                                                                                                            OCTOBER 2018
                Arrival in Awala Yalimapo
 7th                 Arrival in Saint Laurent
 9th                 Official end to rally
What's planned for 2018?
The Nereid's Rally is set to be bigger and better in 2018.
The rally has been extended by one week and now includes a stop in the Salvation Islands!

Because the Nereid's Rally shouldn't just be a regatta for cruisers, we want it to be an excuse for everyone to get out on the water and have some fun!
To see what we mean, watch this video (in French).
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The consensus amongst participants is that all editions of the Nereid's Rally, visiting Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname from Trinidad and Tobago were a great success!

Crews were certainly kept busy in Guyana, with tours of the interior, Georgetown and Bartica on offer, plus visits to boutique resorts including Hurakabra, Baganara and Sloth Island. From Saint Laurent du Maroni an equally impressive agenda of activities had crews touring the historic buildings, jungle trekking along the Mana river, and visiting the Amerindian village of Galibi in Suriname.


Organisers expect that the Nereid's Rally, will be instrumental in dispelling some of the myths that surround sailing south of Trinidad and Tobago, and that many more yachts will be making the passage south in future.

The strong support shown by the Guyanese Minister for Tourism, the Mayor and the Mairie of Saint Laurent du Maroni, is certainly encouraging. The coordination between the Coast Guard, Gendarmerie, ministers police and local officials was exemplary, ensuring a safe, trouble free visit.

Plans are already afoot for next years rally where organisers expect to accommodate a much larger fleet. “We are pleased to announce that the annual Nereid's Rally is set to become the regions premiere yachting event, and that local involvement and participation will remain a priority”.
For more information on what happened in other editions, check out the following blog links:
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                     A reminder to check your visa requirements for visiting Guyana and French Guiana
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